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It ain't Saturday morning but...

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  • It ain't Saturday morning but...

    ... here's a cartoon, anyway.

    Very prophetic and radical.
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    I enjoyed that Monk! Thanks.

    Don't be drinkin' no Obamaism anytime soon!


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      Thanks for the cartoon it was a good watch and lesson, DON'T DRINK the KOOL-AID
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        Wow....Too bad so many have drank that cool-aid already!!!!
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          eerily pertinent
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          If I were clever, I'd write something clever here.


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            cool vid,thanks for posting
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              That was awesome!


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                I get these incredibly on-point and weird eMails from my very political friends all the time... only the really pertinent ones make it in here.

                The Zeitgeist film series is the most jaw-dropping. To realize the scope and intricacy of the web that underpins all our lives... we are OWNED, boyz-n-girls.
                There's no denyin' it.

                The free (and heavily armed) spirit embodied within the Harley crowd represents one of the biggest (and last) threats to their plan.
                Get in their face, people!

                The next phase of the plan (currently underway) is to break the United States down to just another cog in the Global Economy. Make us no better than any other third world power. Look around, it's happening today.
                Get in their face, people!!

                And re-elect NOBODY!!!
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                  Yep most people are already drinkin' the Clinton cool aide.... And now, Obama wears a zoot suit.....

                  I knew it........
                  "Lead paint chips are chewy AND sweet......"

                  "Double secret agent 00019......"

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                    wow, thats an eye opener, a lot of people should see that cartoon..
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