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Twas the Night before Christmas

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  • Twas the Night before Christmas

    Twas the night before Christmas,
    and all through the shop,
    not an scooter was putting,
    not a bagger, rigid or chop.

    Empty beer cans were sitting,
    on the work bench with care,
    obvious evidence of,
    the usual hang-outs had been there.

    With Harleys on the lifts,
    fresh tins in the booth,
    a noise I did here,
    and it came from the roof.

    I dropped my Coors beer can,
    grabbed my 23 Glock,
    if you try to rob this shop,
    be ready to rock.

    I looked out the door,
    to my eyes did I see,
    the sweetest old Panhead,
    like a fifty two, or a three.

    It was decked out in chrome,
    with all vintage bits,
    with fishtails and spokes,
    this bike was the tits!

    Foot clutch and hand shift,
    a sidecar to match,
    a rare bike indeed,
    not your usual catch.

    A man standing by it,
    all dressed up in red,
    a sack on his shoulder,
    funny hat on his head.

    I asked what he wanted,
    he said with great cheer,
    "I was told that you wrench,
    and to bring my bike here."

    He pointed to the primary,
    and I noted the hole,
    the adjuster went bad,
    and the chain took a roll.

    I said, "That's not bad,
    I've got the parts all right here!"
    We pushed her on in,
    after she popped out of gear.

    I removed the chrome cover,
    the adjuster had gone south,
    I noted the fat man,
    put a fresh beer to his mouth.

    I said, "Hey there fat man,
    don't be drinking my Coors!"
    He said "I'll replace them,
    likely with alot more!!"

    So, I replaced the adjuster,
    and sinched up the chain,
    put back on the chrome cover,
    no need to explain.

    I fired her up,
    with one well placed kick,
    that Panhead was healthy,
    solid tappets quietly ticked.

    I said "Hey there fat man,
    how 'bout a spin?"
    He said "I'm kinda real busy,
    quite the hurry I'm in."

    He asked what he owed,
    and I said, "This one's free.",
    He mounted his scoot,
    and looked up at me.

    He said "Well I figured
    you'd not take my cash,
    so I left you a present,
    and restored your beer stash."

    He rode out of the shop,
    and hit second gear,
    he rode down the road,
    his exhaust I could hear.

    I went back in the shop,
    to lock up for the night,
    and what I did see,
    was a beautiful sight.

    A shiney black Knuckle,
    in the middle of the shop.
    It was bobbed just a little,
    but wasn't a chop.

    Her chrome shined like diamonds,
    and here wheels were all spoked.
    I held back a tear,
    as I started to get choked.

    I thought I was dreaming,
    I couldn't see clear.
    I ran to the fridge,
    for another cold beer.

    When I opened the door,
    again I was astounded.
    The fridge was so full,
    My heart, it just pounded.

    Beer after beer,
    packed in all spaces.
    Not another would fit,
    there weren't any places.

    A note was stuck,
    to a can in the door.
    It read "These are on me,
    next year I'll being more!"

    I sat down for a spell,
    I didn't know what to think,
    A mint vintage Knuckle,
    and more beer then I could drink?

    As I sat in the quiet,
    I thought I just flipped!
    I looked again at the Knuckle,
    a note swung from the grip.

    I reached for the note,
    and read what was scribbled,
    my lips, they just trembled,
    and some beer started to dribble.

    "For helping a stranger,
    on a cold winter's night,
    A reward you deserve,
    for doing a brother right."

    Merry Christmas.


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    a classic
    Ride in Peace Wndchsr


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        What his thumb said...



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          I like it!
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            Merry Christmas, Haps.
            Ride EVERY CHANCE YOU GET. Father Time is undefeated.

            Ride in Peace, Ricky "Rubberdown" Massey
            Ride Forever Free, Larry Weaver
            See you on the other side, Jeff.

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              I remember that.
              I wonder how Dave is a doing ?
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                Love it!!
                Miles are on a road map, close to home is here
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