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Never know what your going to get.

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  • Never know what your going to get.

    I was taking my son to his baseball game yesterday. We pass a cafe that is about a half mile from us. A place we have Sunday breakfast at least 3 times a month. Noticed that the parking lot was empty and a small orange sign on the front door. Something that wasn't there the day before. Didn't have time to investigate and said to Joseph make sure we look at it on the way back. We do and find the place was closed by the health department. Whoa. My family eats here all the time. I know the owner by name "only". That tends to happen as much as we go in there. He's a nice guy and I personally never saw anything wrong in the dining area. it will be interesting to find out what they did or didn't do. Anyone else go through this with a favorite place? Do you go back if they open back up? My first thought was no. But wouldn't they be smart to make sure the place is up to code after this? Sucks now because the next closest place is 3-4 miles. I liked walking there in the summer.
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    ya never know, it could be anything from dirty kitchen, to failure of exhaust filters, to a broken sewer main in the basement. you never know what it could be
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      Roach crap taste's good when cooked properly!
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        Deep fried while its still in the roach ain't bad!

        Wife used to work in a restaurant back in AZ. She said that the only way a restaurant could get closed down is piss off the inspector. Had nothing to do with the condition of the restaurant. As many ISO, OSHA and fianance audits as I have been through, I can believe that.

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          That's about as true as you can get RR. another gov deal run deal by some person who may not be able to grab his azz with both hands but can make a decision based upon attitude. Even as IH said it could be something more then food prep or storage. We have a way to look at the inspection reports for our local restaurants. I can make a decision based upon what the inspector writes in it. Some are really bad and some really amaze me on how well they take care of their business. Fact I just visited a Jamaican run restaurant last week that you'd think by it's location and outside apperance might be risky. They are about as perfect in their inspections as one can get. I had the best jerk chiggin and service you could ever want.
          Dimon maybe you can find such reports on-line and when or if they open back up you can make your own assessment. There are a few around here I will never eat at period...
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            Maybe they were shut down do to the inspector was insulted buy the amount in the little yellow envelope.
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              maybe they had free boogers, i like free boogers................
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                Originally posted by BigWorm View Post
                maybe they had free boogers, i like free boogers................
                I thought you liked scabs? I guess you can like it all.
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