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    The Lone Ranger and Tonto were at the bar drinking, when in walks a cowboy who yells, "Who's white horse it that outside?"

    The Lone Ranger finishes off his whiskey, slams down the glass, turns around and says, "It's my horse. Why do you want to know?"

    The cowboy looks at him and says, "Well, your horse is standing out there in the sun and he don't look too good."

    The Lone Ranger and Tonto run outside and they see that Silver is in bad shape, suffering from heat exhaustion. The Loan Ranger moves his horse into the shade and gets a bucket of water. He then pours some of the water over the horse and gives the rest to Silver to drink.It is then he notices that there isn't a breeze so he asks Tonto if he would start running around Silver to get some air flowing and perhaps cool him down.

    Being a faithful friend, Tonto starts running around Silver. The Lone Ranger stands there for a bit then realizes there is not much more he can do, so he goes back into the bar and orders another whiskey.

    After a bit a cowboy walks in and says, "Who's white horse is that outside?"

    Slowly the Lone Ranger turns around and says, "That is my horse, what is wrong with him now?"

    "Nothing," replies the cowboy, "I just wanted to let you know that you left your Injun running."
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