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    Little Johnny had a terrible disliking for the outhouse.
    One morning after using the stinking old crapper, He thought, when that creek comes up I`m going to shove that old crapper over the creek bank.
    that spring the creek came up and was a roaring along, little Johnny thought, now is My chance and He heavehos and shoves the outhouse over the bank, off it went, tumbling and churning away.
    Johnny gets home from school that afternoon and His dad asks Him, Johnny, did You shove the outhouse over the creek bank.
    Johnny sort of sputters out, why yes I did, nut, we learned in school today that George Washington chopped down the cherry tree and when His dad asked him if He had done that, George told the truth and did not get in any trouble.
    Johnnies Dad looks at Johnny quite sternly and replies, Yeah, well I guess Georges dad was not sitting in the top of the cherry tree too.
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    Do`nt need no stinking hay,We want fresh green spring grass
    If they get close enough kick em in the crotch,MMMOOOOooo
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