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Shovelhead FXE inner primary case needed.

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  • Shovelhead FXE inner primary case needed.

    Want to ditch the belt and go back to chain. :-)
    In other news.......
    I'll have a belt drive to get rid of.
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    Mighty tough to beat them old multiplex chains.
    I had once thought about converting My 76 FLH to a belt drive, a friend that has a parts dealership talked Me out of it, over the years, I`m glad He did.
    I had also linked it all together with the tallest gearing sprockets available, Man, that old shovelhead would fly.
    My friend Mike has a 1980 Shovelhead, all decked out, cammed, dual plugs, single fire ignition and several other nice items, told Me He`d let Me have it for seven grand. I`ve got another deal needs finishing then, I`m going to be making payments to Him for His shovelhead.It`ll be a couple of years to get Him paid, but then, after its paid, I`ll be riding a shovelhead again. This one I will not let go of.
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      The belts are expensive to replace!
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